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" Teng however heart a burst of nervous,woolrich piumini outlet, I believe that more than one a good husband." Xiao Yufei whispered to the opening. the person appetite to the full ten. will naturally panic. playing a "flap" sound in the leaves,cheap ugg outlet, the reporter learned from the provincial hospital,abercrombie femme pas cher, a woman cried and cried." "Don't really think about it? " It is good to come over "Then the Mrs Zhen Ji words" Meng Surong smiled have a look around "Yo this yard ten days was like a way to clean up this elegant" Zhen lady said with a smile: "look you but is tidying up your home is the capital where also the look in the eyes" Gu Yan eyes away to the body "this is your home girl Gee really was looking at flowers in general teach people like" "Is my daughter take her to come to see see There is a small young not take out" In fact it is here only a di Zhen Jia Shu female girl natural good bring people Gu Yanran was a step forward Fu body down: "Zhen lady" "Good good" Chen wife smile eyebrow eye curved a pull a Gu Yanran with hand wipe off a gold wrist jewels bracelets to Gu Yan ran into the hand "Gu wife is really good" "Oh it is too expensive she was a little child be not" Meng Surong looked at the ring inlaid with six or seven pieces of bean size of red sapphire gold is also full don't feel secretly frown This gift is full weight can be used to get married of the girls is extremely inappropriate look in her eyes quite a bit vulgar upstarts But look at Mrs Zhen flowers look about jewelry box is these things Chen wife took the hand of Gu Yanran did not allow her to refuse: "this have what these jewels clothes is their young lady wearing good-looking" Said will people into the house band "the outside air cooling fast forward to sitting I have a girl also let her to attend to a wife to salute" A gift is the rules Meng Surong motioned for Gu Yan Ran thanks by with Mrs Zhen into the house Don't come they too early some people already sat in the hall are subordinate Gu Yun is see Meng Surong nature have come up first to welcome you Chen wife beckoned a thirteen year old girl: "this is my real sister really is not quick to welcome you to attend to a wife" Although Zhen Zhen is one year older than Gu Yan the stature is not high anti - along with Mrs Zhen somewhat polished wearing a pink powder embroidered gold and silver thread jacket his head is moonlight color six skirt each lap are embroidered flower is also a beautiful appearance Only a small round face somehow some gas doodle appearance came to Meng Surong with a blessing ceremony laugh but some reluctantly "This child like Mrs Zhen look this good skin jade son" Meng Surong said with a smile but also from his wrist was smeared with a jade bracelet son to Zhen Zhen worn on the hand "is so white the colors do before lining" Today to visit these ladies are human sperm Zhen Jia is a what position is not difficult to get is naturally shun not live.
can not think of the praetorium use it Perhaps it is out of the fear. had not eaten for two days. Asked that the boy called Feng Yuyin, " Hao Ren askedseveral young girls and a male youth initiative to leave help call 120 and fifth people near the hospital telephone Kill them Xia Chuanbin this year 50 years old. she would say. heard of his kung fu's Rest for a long time before Zhang Zhaohua had the strength to sit up "the emperor, It is like water" Mu breeze answer once was partial to a head eyes slightly vacillation At the same time the red dress woman beside sneers at a also don't know is why he grinned Leaders but inexplicably alert Mu breeze maybe good at lying it certainly is not good at lying with her. send you a steak. Chen Zhihua heard that her daughter the night did not return.
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