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" Yan Hongzhen Deng Deng ran over smiled and said Behind him the black also extremely excited rush over Chong Su Huiniang whining Yan Hong really think it robbed his thunder the ash often wood master love to play it feet Black immediately shut up only the tail but shake more joy "You two" Su Huiniang shook his head reproachfully: "one morning not still" The seventy-seventh chapter warmth sent excited almost shook off the tail black two siblings together into the hall not a long time Lin also came over today's breakfast cook do is congee and steamed buns Yan Hong Jin after taste say no su Huiniang do good "Picky" Su Huiniang glared at him mouth but pouty said: "good noon to give you to eat dumplings" "Pepper meat" Yan Hong really lick the face asked "Yes master more than you do" Two people watching frequently bickering son Lin also laugh heart she has been a long time not seen so happy daughter After breakfast Su Huiniang returned to his room has been transformed into a small tail Yan Hongzhen is followed he is a man of inertia is a shameless a daily account management see in the Soviet Union Huiniang he got a chance swiftly toward the cherished place to go Su Huiniang put down the book asked: "what has vertical toss you in there" The ground sees room closet are all open put clothes rattan boxes also turned Topsy turvy Yan Hong really eyes emit light and straight that box looked straight at the wardrobe inside most of the moment smiling pulled a boy's clothes to sue Huiniang proudly said: "so much the original Hui for the seven sister clothes ah just seems to have some small ah. " Finger a golden heavily hit the old Qiu belly she has come to work. "silly boy,parka barbour homme,she is marriedis what I kill again how after you stay for a long time will know the answer Since Song Ziqiu left Xiao Minghun so long time no see.related articles: